Engineering a Machine Learning Product

Our goal felt hidden, out of reach. Our product, Frontier, focuses on building better student writers in grades 4-8 by challenging them with engaging narrative, informational, and argumentative writing projects: »

Bring a bit of Clojure/Racket to Ruby!

I made a new gem based on some exploration I did, but to tell the story, let's talk about a possible use case. Let's say you're writing some Ruby code »

eSpark Hackathon & Clay: a computable document creator

At the eSpark Hackathon last weekend, I had a great time making interesting new things with my work friends. Koppel and John were quite excited by Markov chains and so »

Chernoff Faces with D3 and React.js

TL;DR: here's the demo! Chernoff faces[1] are a useful way to visualize multivariate data in a way that leverages the great facial recognition ability of our brains. There's »

Slimformation -- Read Smarter

Do you read more about politics or economics? What are the top websites you recently visited to read articles? How do you plan your casual reading? My team (Katie Zhu, »

A modular, test-driven Sinatra template

I recently found a (somewhat old) but great repository. The structure really helps you build modular Sinatra apps and has the basics needed for you to jump in and start »

Colby: Small Wrapper and Functions for Persistent, Immutable Data

Today, I cleaned up an earlier project I'd left hanging around called Colby. It's a little wrapper around the data structures that the Hamster gem provides, and it adds some »

RepoMap: track your local git repositories

Github link: RepoMap There are hundreds of git repositories stored at various folder depths all over my computer. Organizing them, remembering where they are or determining whether I still have »

Sherlock: A Chrome extension to Search Inconvenient Websites

...and it was really quite simple to do! Sherlock is pretty stupid: all you can do is click on him to specifically google the current tab's website. So, if you »

Ready Spam Detection in Twitter - Extended Abstract

Marcel Flores, Maciej Swiech and I have been working hard on our machine learning project, in which we are asking whether we can detect twitter spammer upon account creation, before »