Noir is an excellent, Sinatra-like framework in Clojure, and Korma is a great companion. But in a lot of database-backed services, you often need migrations to make sane changes to the database and have the abilitiy to roll back your various schema changes. Lobos is a little library (among a few) that tries to do this, but seeing only a few examples here and there, I decided to make my own little template that explores this.

So, here’s the repo:

I did run into an issue trying to find out how to do the classic “alter” SQL command to add a column using Lobos. Turns out, just try (doc alter) after first typing in that first long (use ...) command in the repo’s readme. But I just documented the bug for now.

Also, there is a very simple entity definition to demonstrate Korma, and I’ve tested the setup and confirmed that the migration executed, and the entity got added.

I’ll maybe explore Drift in the future, although there’s already this excellent template I could build on.