Bring a bit of Clojure/Racket to Ruby!

I made a new gem based on some exploration I did, but to tell the story, let's talk about a possible use case. Let's say you're writing some Ruby code »

Project Euler Problem 3 using Clojure 1.5 and a lazy technique

The problem: find the largest prime factor of 600851475143. I used the Sieve of Eratosthenes and Ruby to solve it last time. This time, I tried a lazy, functional approach. »

Sentimental: A Simple Sentiment Analyzer in Clojure

TL;DR Sentiment analysis is the hot thing to do these days. One example is ViralHeat, a social media monitoring platform that uses sentiment analysis »

Snowball Stemmer: Deploying a Simple Clojure Wrapper

Having found an awesome little wrapper for Snowball (which allows for stemming of words, like "going" -> "go"), I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to try creating my »

Korma-Lobos-Tpl: Experimenting with persistence using Korma and Lobos

Noir is an excellent, Sinatra-like framework in Clojure, and Korma is a great companion. But in a lot of database-backed services, you often need migrations to make sane changes to »

I made a Clojure and FP themed wallpaper for myself

There's few things as iconic as the Y-Combinator in functional programming. I must mention as providing the actual snippet. To learn »

Rich Hickey's awesome talk: Simple Made Easy »

Some Steps Into Clojure Land

I'm really digging this wonderful little language called Clojure. It's a modern Lisp, meaning it has all the functional goodness I have been craving after using Racket. It's awesome being »