Terminals Shouldn't Be Scary!

Terminals are crucial to mastering computers and are super fun to play with. But you don't need to be a gray beard to master the terminal! You can learn it »

Git Recent Branches

Have you ever wanted git branches to display all branches sorted by the last commit date? Let's say you're working on a project with a lot of branches, you're hopping »

Minimal Emacs Config

I love the versatility of emacs, even without any additional packages. You get a powerful and fast editing environment that is ridiculously extendable if you so desire. I used to »

Evernote As A Neural Prosthetic

What I mean by a “neural prosthetic” is a supplemental tool that aids your brain. Over the past year, I’ve found that Evernote fits that description fairly well, and »

A modular, test-driven Sinatra template

I recently found a (somewhat old) but great repository. The structure really helps you build modular Sinatra apps and has the basics needed for you to jump in and start »

RepoMap: track your local git repositories

Github link: RepoMap There are hundreds of git repositories stored at various folder depths all over my computer. Organizing them, remembering where they are or determining whether I still have »

Korma-Lobos-Tpl: Experimenting with persistence using Korma and Lobos

Noir is an excellent, Sinatra-like framework in Clojure, and Korma is a great companion. But in a lot of database-backed services, you often need migrations to make sane changes to »

Rocketship: A Multi-App Sinatra Template

Introducing Rocketship: a Rack based template that integrates multiple micro-frameworks. github.com/gnarmis/rocketship I recently came across some useful Sinatra templates and ended up having to integrate several things »

Sass and CoffeeScript - Compile and Watch Files with One Command

Do you use Sass and CoffeeScript? Tired of remembering and typing out the compile and watch commands on both of those command-line utilities? I used to do: $ compass watch $ coffee »

Deploying TinyPM on Amazon EC2 with Tomcat

Update: this is hopelessly out of date, so don't follow this guide! I had a particularly interesting time trying to install TinyPM, which is a Java-based project management solution. After »