Do you use Sass and CoffeeScript? Tired of remembering and typing out the compile and watch commands on both of those command-line utilities? I used to do:

$ compass watch
$ coffee -o scripts/ -cw coffee/

…on all of my projects, in separate tabs on the terminal. There had to be an easier way.

Do them both, with the standard configuration, using the script below.

#!/bin/bash # run compass watch at pwd # run coffee -o scripts/ -cw coffee/ at pwd type -P compass &>/dev/null || { echo “Compass command not found.”; exit 1; } type -P coffee &>/dev/null || { echo “Coffee command not found.”; exit 1; }

if [ ! -d sass/ ] || [ ! -d scripts/ ] then echo “Project not setup correctly! Put sass files in sass/ and coffee in coffee/” else if [ ! -d stylesheets/ ] then mkdir stylesheets fi if [ ! -d scripts/ ] then mkdir scripts fi echo “Watching changes in sass/ and coffee/ and compiling to stylesheets/ and scripts/ …” compass watch --quiet & coffee -o scripts/ -cw coffee/ & wait fi

Add the script into your project, do

$ chmod +x

to make it executable, and forget about it! I’m planning on some edits in the future, but it works well enough and gets the job done. Now, all you need to do is:

$ ./

This was a quick little hack in bash but pretty helpful for my workflow.

Tips? Improvements? I’d be glad to hear ‘em.