Github link: RepoMap

There are hundreds of git repositories stored at various folder depths all over my computer. Organizing them, remembering where they are or determining whether I still have a working copy cloned from a remote repository is a chore.

So, why not have a map of where all my repositories are? Should be simple enough to keep a YAML file with a map from paths to repository names.

After some hacking on a flight (after having finished finals and an interview), I made a little Ruby CLI program and found it to be useful enough to expand into a tiny little gem. It’s still very basic, and specs aren’t where they should be, but the essentials are there.

It’s called RepoMap, and you can find it here:

You can also install it by typing gem install repomap.

Check out the above link for details about how it works. Pull requests are welcome! I’m thinking there’s a number of cool additions possible, such as mining all that useful meta data about git repositories, and making use of the map in interesting ways.