A modular, test-driven Sinatra template

I recently found a (somewhat old) but great repository. The structure really helps you build modular Sinatra apps and has the basics needed for you to jump in and start »

Rocketship: A Multi-App Sinatra Template

Introducing Rocketship: a Rack based template that integrates multiple micro-frameworks. github.com/gnarmis/rocketship I recently came across some useful Sinatra templates and ended up having to integrate several things »

Webdev with Sinatra: a mini-course

Northwestern's CATS group is an amazing mix of technical and creative talent, and I recently had a great opportunity to help people interested in web development get their feet wet. »

Sass and CoffeeScript - Compile and Watch Files with One Command

Do you use Sass and CoffeeScript? Tired of remembering and typing out the compile and watch commands on both of those command-line utilities? I used to do: $ compass watch $ coffee »

Cozy: a Database-less RESTful Layer

After exploring some static site recipes in my staticRack project, I wanted to explore the world of simple, static Content Management Systems. There is a PHP implementation of that sort »

staticRack: Template for Deploying Static Sites on Heroku

Have you ever looked for a way to quickly build a live prototype as a static site that nevertheless had some sensible version control and had potential for future extension? »

MassiveStart: Helping Film Makers Understand Their Audience

At the culminaton of NUvention:Web, a two part course that teaches the fundamentals of building a web startup, our team is putting the final touches on our product: MassiveStart. »