Sentimental: A Simple Sentiment Analyzer in Clojure

TL;DR Sentiment analysis is the hot thing to do these days. One example is ViralHeat, a social media monitoring platform that uses sentiment analysis »

Snowball Stemmer: Deploying a Simple Clojure Wrapper

Having found an awesome little wrapper for Snowball (which allows for stemming of words, like "going" -> "go"), I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to try creating my »

Korma-Lobos-Tpl: Experimenting with persistence using Korma and Lobos

Noir is an excellent, Sinatra-like framework in Clojure, and Korma is a great companion. But in a lot of database-backed services, you often need migrations to make sane changes to »

What's Here?: A Mobile App for Local, Personal Recommendations

Introducing What's Here?, an app to help you explore your local people, places, and tweets. This mobile app was an exploration of a project idea about searching and making sense »

SoundBoard: A Crowd-Driven Music Player

Last weekend, me and Jonathan Chan spent a straight thirty hours working on SoundBoard, a crowd-driven music player, and had a blast! Our app won second place by a single »

my hackathon experience last weekend

Me and Jonathan Chan (@jonishungry) had quite the adventure last weekend. Managing a two hour El ride; being completely lost on the UChicago campus; sleeping in a tiny student government »

Rocketship: A Multi-App Sinatra Template

Introducing Rocketship: a Rack based template that integrates multiple micro-frameworks. I recently came across some useful Sinatra templates and ended up having to integrate several things »

Webdev with Sinatra: a mini-course

Northwestern's CATS group is an amazing mix of technical and creative talent, and I recently had a great opportunity to help people interested in web development get their feet wet. »

Sass and CoffeeScript - Compile and Watch Files with One Command

Do you use Sass and CoffeeScript? Tired of remembering and typing out the compile and watch commands on both of those command-line utilities? I used to do: $ compass watch $ coffee »

Cozy: a Database-less RESTful Layer

After exploring some static site recipes in my staticRack project, I wanted to explore the world of simple, static Content Management Systems. There is a PHP implementation of that sort »