Engineering a Machine Learning Product

Our goal felt hidden, out of reach. Our product, Frontier, focuses on building better student writers in grades 4-8 by challenging them with engaging narrative, informational, and argumentative writing projects: »

Bugs are your best friends

You open up your email, swipe through some work messages, and notice a classic email about a bug. RuntimeError: Your app is terrible app/controller/page:17 - what is »

Bring a bit of Clojure/Racket to Ruby!

I made a new gem based on some exploration I did, but to tell the story, let's talk about a possible use case. Let's say you're writing some Ruby code »

Problem solving like no one's watching!

Sometimes, you have a problem. A problem that itches and maybe even hurts. The kind of problem where you wish “wouldn’t it be cool if…,” but then you follow »

Bayesian Thinking

This is based on a talk I gave at the Open Source Open Mic meetup, around Sep 2015. Slides from the talk. Let's say you're walking down the street. You »

A short story about a ridiculous premise

I decided to write a short story about a ridiculous premise to get myself to just sit down and finish a story. Here’s the result! (also published on Medium) »

How to build the next version of X

updating based on feedback is trickier than you think Psychologist Bertram Forer once asked some students to fill out a personality test and then gave them a personalized profile based »

What should I learn?

thoughts about how I’m picking what to learn right now Originally published on Medium. I have limited time and a long list of things to learn. My own knowledge »

How can learning become fun?

As an engineer working in an education startup, learning is a familiar topic for me. At eSpark, we're personalizing education for primary school students and we often visit schools, pore »

Explanations don't detract from beauty

I was talking to a friend during dinner and the conversation drifted over to what I'm guessing is a very busy intersection: how an exact explanation seems to subtract from »